Specifying the location of the Cognos TM1 Admin Host

You specify the location of the IBM Cognos TM1 Admin Host differently for clients (user interfaces) and remote servers.

About this task

The Admin Host is the computer where the Cognos TM1 Admin Server is running.


  1. To specify the Admin Host referenced by clients such as Cognos TM1 Architect or Cognos TM1 Perspectives:
    • Change the Tm1p.ini file by using the Cognos® TM1® Options menu in Server Explorer.
    • You can also manually edit the AdminHost parameter in the Tm1p.ini client configuration file.

    For more information, see The Tm1p.ini client configuration file.

  2. To specify the Admin Host with which remote servers register, use one of the following methods:
    • Edit the AdminHost parameter in the Tm1s.cfg file.
    • Use the -v command-line parameter when you bring up the Windows version of the IBM TM1 Server.

    For information, see The tm1s.cfg configuration file.