Run Cognos TM1 Perspectives

After installation, you can run IBM® Cognos® TM1® Perspectives.


  1. From the Windows Start menu, click IBM Cognos TM1 > Perspectives.
    If the component does not start, ensure that the servers you started with Cognos Configuration are still running.
  2. Click Enable Macros when the security warning displays.
  3. Click TM1 > Server Explorer, then expand TM1 to see the servers that are available.
  4. Double-click a TM1 Server to log in.

    For SData, Planning Sample, or GO_New_Stores use these login credentials:

    • User name: admin
    • Password: apple
    Tip: To load Cognos TM1 Perspectives automatically whenever you start Microsoft Excel, add TM1_location/Tm1p.xla to Microsoft Excel's add-in tool list, where TM1_location is the file directory where TM1 is installed. After completing this step, "TM1" displays on the Microsoft Excel menu bar.