Manage snapshots

You can rename or delete a snapshot, review its contents, and review any logs associated with it.

About this task

From the Lifecycle Management home page, click Manage snapshots to view a list of snapshots that have been created. The Manage snapshots page opens.

The snapshot list pane shows all snapshots from the current source environment with the current filter and search criteria applied. The results show all snapshots created by all administrators in your current environment. You can manage snapshots that were created by another administrator.
Screen showing the Manage snapshots page.


  1. Click Show filter icon to toggle whether the Filter pane appears.
    By default, the Filter pane is collapsed.
    The Filter pane expands with any filter selections that you entered and any row selections that you made previously. The default is no rows selected. You can change your filter criteria or clear all of your filter criteria. You can search for a snapshot.

    For more information, see Filter and search for snapshots.

  2. Click Import to import a snapshot from your local file system.
    For more information, see Import a snapshot.
  3. Select a snapshot to review its contents in the Snapshot content pane.
    The list of snapshots that were created in this environment is shown in the middle pane. Each available snapshot is shown with its name, the name of the user who created it, and its description if it has one. You can also see the date and time that the snapshot was last updated, how many assets it contains, and an action menu of available snapshot options. The Snapshot content pane shows the snapshot name, when the snapshot was created, the user that created it, the snapshot description if there is one, and the number of assets that it contains.

    For more information, see Rename a snapshot.

  4. Click Snapshot logs to view all the actions that were performed on this snapshot.
    For more information, see View snapshot logs.