Add members to a dimension in Planning Analytics Workspace Classic

You can add members to a dimension one at a time or by copying and pasting a number of members from an editor such as Microsoft Excel.

You can also import dimension members from a file, see Import members and attributes into a dimension.


  1. In the Data tree, go to the database that contains the dimension that you want to edit.
  2. Click Dimensions, right-click the dimension that you want to edit and click Edit dimension.
  3. To add a member, click Add icon type a name and select the member type, either:
    • Numeric
    • Consolidated
    • String. This type cannot be used if the member is a child of a consolidated member.

    If you add a member as a parent, the member is always added as a consolidated member.

    Add a member to a dimension and set the type

    If you want to add another member at the same level, type the new member name and press Enter.

    Click Commit when you finish entering members at that level, or press CTRL + Enter.

  4. To add more members at parent or child level, right-click an existing member and add a member as a parent, child, or at the same level before or after the selection.
    Screen showing the Add member dialog box.
    Tip: You can also add a member into a dimension at the same time by copying and pasting the list of members into the Dimension Editor from an editor, or from Microsoft Excel.
  5. You can choose what you see in the dimension editor by right-clicking an existing member and choose an option to keep, hide, move, or delete members.
    If you select Keep, the other members are hidden. To narrow the selection down to show parents or children of selected members in a dimension, select and right-click the members and click Show members > Parent or Children. You can show all members by right-clicking a member and selecting Unhide all.

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