Setting up a non-interactive account for use in the LDAP namespace

The non-interactive account that is provided in the welcome kit can be used when you use automation tools and processes that are scheduled, or when you need a user name and password that are non-interactive. For example, Cognos® Command Center and Cognos Integration Server.

Using the following account, a customer can use Cognos Command Center to automate processes that involve their TM1® Server.

  • User name: customer_tm1_automation
  • Password: generated
  • CAM Namespace: LDAP
  • This account can be used only from clients where you can specify the namespace. This account cannot be used to log in to the Planning Analytics Workspace.
  • This account is disabled by default. It can be enabled upon request.

To configure the TM1 object security for the non-interactive user, the user needs to be added dynamically by logging in for the first time with Cognos Command Center or by using a TI Script. The non-interactive user cannot be added by using Add Client in the UI.

You can use the following TI command to create the non-interactive user:

Note: The non-interactive user has minimal permissions in Cognos Analytics. When you create the non-interactive user, the user is added to a new user group, the Non-Administration Users group in Cognos Analytics, which does not have permission to read, write, or execute packages. When the non-interactive user signs in to Analytics, the user does not have Administrator access.