Creating a Planning Analytics data server connection in IBM Cognos Analytics

If you are logged in as a IBM® Planning Analytics user, you can create a Planning Analytics data server connection in Cognos® Analytics.


  1. In IBM Cognos Analytics, go to Manage Manage > Data server connections.
  2. In the Data server connections pane, click Add data server icon. Add data server
  3. Select the IBM Planning Analytics data server type from the list of supported types.
  4. In the field New data server connection, type a unique name for the connection.
  5. By Connections details, click Edit and enter the connection details.
    1. In the TM1 database host field, type data.
    2. In the HTTP port number field, specify the port number.
      The port number is the HTTPPortNumber value in the tm1s.cfg file.
    3. Select Use SSL. Use SSL must always be selected.
  6. Under Authentication method, specify how to access the data server.
    Note: For IBM Planning Analytics Premium Reporting IBMid users, Integrated Security must be selected.
  7. Click Test to verify that the data server connection works, and then click Save to save the new data server connection.


The new IBM Planning Analytics data server appears in the Data server connections pane.