Creating a new empty TM1 Server in Cognos Configuration

You can use IBM® Cognos® Configuration to create a new empty IBM TM1® Server.

About this task

These steps create the tms.cfg configuration file and other required files for a new empty TM1 Server. Perform these steps only on an empty directory that does not contain any other files.
Tip: If you want to add an existing TM1 Server to Cognos Configuration, see Adding an existing TM1 Server in Cognos Configuration.


  1. Use your operating system to create an empty folder for the new TM1 Server files.
  2. Open IBM Cognos Configuration.
  3. In the Explorer panel, under Data Access, right click TM1 Server, and click New Resource > TM1 Server Instances.
  4. In the Name box, enter a name for your server.
  5. In the Type box, select TM1 Server instance and click OK.

    The new server is added under the TM1 Server node and the properties for it are displayed in the TM1 Server instances - Resource Properties list.

  6. In the Resource Properties list, click the entry box and click the edit icon.
  7. Enter or browse to the path for the empty folder where you want to create the new TM1 Server.
    Tip: Do not include the file name in this path. You only need to select the folder.
  8. Click Select.
  9. Click File > Save.

    A new tms.cfg file is automatically created in the folder. Values for the following configuration parameters are automatically added to the file.

    • The ServerName parameter is set to the server name that you specified.
    • The DataBaseDirectory parameter is set to the data directory that you specified.
    • The PortNumber parameter is set to a random auto-generated port number.
  10. If you are using this database with TM1 Applications, edit the tms.cfg file with the required parameter values.
  11. In the Cognos Configuration Explorer panel, right-click the new server and click Start.

    The basic files for the new TM1 Server are created in the folder.

  12. To test the new TM1 Server, start TM1 Architect and log in to the database with user name admin and no password.