Review your cart

When you click Review cart, you can review the contents of your snapshot before you migrate your assets. Each asset is shown with its name, source folder, last modified date, modified by user name, TM1® database source, and TM1 cube source.

About this task

From the Review cart page, you can remove assets from your cart, click Save to save your snapshot and exit, click Export to save and export a snapshot, or click Migrate to save and migrate a snapshot.

Screen showing the Review cart page.


  1. To remove an asset from your cart, click Remove icon beside the asset.
  2. To remove all assets from your cart, click Clear all icon on the header row.
  3. To find a particular asset to remove, use the Find asset field. The Find asset field on the Review cart page highlights all of the assets in your cart that match your criteria. All fields are searched for text that matches your criteria.
  4. If you want to start again and add or remove assets from this snapshot, click Previous step.
    You can filter for more assets to add to your cart and then review your cart again.