TM1 files overview

IBM® TM1® Server requires many object and system files, most of which are stored in the TM1 Server's data directory.

Some of these files are installed with the product, while others are generated for each dimension and cube you create. Yet other files are generated by TM1 to store metadata, such as security information.

The following table lists the files that define cubes, dimensions, and other TM1 objects. These files are located in the data directory, which is described later in this documentation.

Table 1. Files that define cubes, dimensions, and other objects

File Extension



Cube formatting file


Chore definition file


Cube database file


Compiled dimension


ASCII dimension source file


TurboIntegrator process definition file


Compiled rule


Dimension subset


ASCII source for view file


Saved query


ASCII source for a rule file


Saved view