Selecting dimension title elements for Websheet objects

You can set the elements in a title dimension of a Websheet object for any cell that contains a SUBNM function.

You can specify the dimension by either sheet number, row number, and column number or by dimension name.

You can select the new element by either element name or element index.

Format and values

Use the following format to specify the dimension by sheet, row, and column number:


Use the following format to specify the dimension by dimension name.


Use the following parameters:

Specifies the title dimension by sheet number, row number, and column number.

Replace the # symbols with the values for the sheet, row, and column location of the dimension SUBNM cell in the websheet.

Specifies the title dimension by dimension name.
The string value for the name or numeric value for the index of the new title element that you want to select.

If you want to select the new title element by element index, instead of element name, include the UseIndex parameter in the URL as follows:



Use the following example to first open a websheet and then change the title element.
  1. Copy and paste the following URL directly into the address bar of your web browser to first open the websheet.


  2. To change the title element, copy and paste the following URL into the same web browser session.
  3. Copy and paste only the Title_S#-R#-C# parameter to the end of the base URL to get the similar results.
    Tip: Only the parameter section of the URL needs to be updated when you use parameters to apply changes. The base URL can remain unchanged.
  4. Use the following sample with the UseIndex parameter to select a new title by element index.

When you use a Title_ parameter to set a title element in a websheet it populates a SUBNM function on the sheet, which returns the value of the Title_ parameter.

If there is an action button on the websheet that navigates to another websheet with the same SUBNM on it, and the action button is set up to carry the value of the SUBNM on the current sheet to a destination sheet, the presence of a Title_ parameter prevents the SUBNM value from being carried over to the destination sheet. Instead, the Title_ parameter value in the URL is used on the destination websheet as well.

If you do not want the URL to dictate the title and instead let the action button carry the SUBNM value over to the destination sheet, add ABNavigationIgnoreTitles=true to your URL. Note that when ABNavigationIgnoreTitles=true is included in your URL, all Title_ elements in the URL are ignored during navigation via the action button.

Here's an example of a URL that includes the ABNavigationIgnoreTitles parameter: