Installation and configuration

After you install IBM® Cognos® TM1 with the procedures that are described in the Planning Analytics Installation and Configuration documentation, you must enable the use of TM1 REST APIs.

The following procedure needs to be followed for every TM1® Server that you want to enable TM1 REST APIs for:

  1. If HTTPPortNumber is not defined in your tm1s.cfg file, then port number 5001 will be assigned automatically. You can manually define your HTTPPortNumber in the tm1s.cfg file using the following syntax:

    Where [xxxx] is a valid port number (typically 1-65535).

  2. Configure the UseSSL property, which defines whether a client needs to connect by using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. Valid settings are UseSSL=T or UseSSL=F.
    Attention: This property is a shared setting. Turning off the use of SSL turns it off for all Cognos TM1 clients, which allows them to connect to the server in an insecure mode.
  3. Start your TM1 Server.
  4. Verify your configuration with a GET request to see whether you get a response. For example:

    You can also test whether you get the EDM metadata back from your server by using the following request:


    You can also check that the TM1 Server that is hosting the model is running by using a tool that monitors HTTP traffic.

For more information, see the following resources: