Service level agreement terms

You must log a Severity 1 support ticket with the IBM technical support help desk within 24 hours of first becoming aware of an event that has impacted the Cloud Service availability. You must reasonably assist IBM with any problem diagnosis and resolution.

A support ticket claim for failure to meet an SLA must be submitted within three business days after the end of the contracted month. Compensation for a valid SLA claim will be a credit against a future invoice for the Cloud Service based on the duration of time during which production system processing for the Cloud Service is not available (“Downtime”). Downtime is measured from the time Client reports the event until the time the Cloud Service is restored and does not include time related to a scheduled or announced maintenance outage; causes beyond IBM’s control; problems with Client or third party content or technology, designs or instructions; unsupported system configurations and platforms or other Client errors; or Client-caused security incident or Client security testing. IBM will apply the highest applicable compensation based on the cumulative availability of the Cloud Service during each contracted month, as shown in the table below. The total compensation with respect to any contracted month cannot exceed 10 percent of one twelfth (1/12th) of the annual charge for the Cloud Service.

Important: The information in the previous paragraph is an excerpt from the service level agreement (SLA) in the Terms of Use (TOU) and the Service Description (SD) documents. For the most up to date information about your SLA, refer to these documents at the following link: The SLA terms are described in Appendix B of the TOU and in section 3 of the SD. Both the TOU and the SD define the same terms of agreement.

SLA reports are generated monthly and are available upon request by logging a support ticket.