Publish a workbook to a TM1 Server Application folder

You can publish workbooks that contain TM1® reports to a TM1 Server Application folder. You can publish lists, Exploration Views, Quick Reports, Dynamic Reports, and Custom Reports. Publish a workbook to share it with other users.

This video demonstrates how to publish a workbook:

This video provides some basic information on how to publish workbooks in Planning Analytics. Learn how to publish workbooks onto TM1 Web or Planning Analytics workspace, how to make your workbooks public and how to publish workbooks that contain action buttons.

About this task

When you publish a workbook, it is saved under the TM1 Server Application folder. The workbook can then be opened in TM1 Web and in IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace.

By default, workbooks are published as private, unless you publish the workbook to a public folder or change the workbook from private to public. Private workbooks are available only to you. Public workbooks are available to users who have access permissions to the TM1 Server Application folder where you published the workbook.
Note: Public workbooks can be viewed only by users with sufficient data access and security permissions. If you are unable to view a public workbook or if another user is unable to view your public workbook, have your administrator review the data access and security permissions for their user groups.

Lists and Exploration Views are displayed as static websheets in TM1 Web and IBM Planning Analytics Workspace. Data is not read from the TM1 Server Application folder and so doesn't change when the data on the server changes.

Custom Reports, Quick Reports, and Dynamic Reports are displayed as live websheets. A live websheet maintains its connection to the TM1 Server Application folder. If the data on the server changes, the live websheet reflects the change.

You can use subfolders to organize workbooks. You can rename or delete folders and workbooks that you created.

For example, you can publish a workbook that is called Budget Plan to a TM1 Server Application folder called Planning Sample in a folder called Budget. In TM1 Web, you can open the budget plan report by connecting to the Planning Sample server and browsing to Applications > Budget. The workbook is displayed in TM1 Web as a static websheet.

Note: For information about publishing a worksheet to a IBM Cognos® Analytics system, see Publish an exploration to IBM Cognos Connection.


  1. On the IBM Planning Analytics tab, click Publish.
  2. Select a TM1 connection.
  3. Select a TM1 Server Application folder.
  4. Select a folder or create a new folder.
  5. Type a name for the workbook.
  6. Optional: Enter a description.
  7. Click Publish.

    By default, newly saved workbooks are private. Right-click the workbook in the Publish dialog box and click Make Public to make the workbook public.