DimensionAttrInsert creates a new attribute for dimensions on your TM1® server. The function can create a string, numeric, or alias attribute.

This function is valid in TM1 TurboIntegrator processes only.

Note: If you update an existing dimension attribute, you must first delete the existing attribute using the function DimensionAttrDelete. You can then use DimensionAttrInsert to recreate the attribute with your desired changes. If you attempt to update an existing attribute without first deleting it, the insert fails without a warning or error. The existing attribute remains unchanged; it is neither updated nor overwritten.


DimensionAttrInsert( PrevAttrName, NewAttrName, AttrType);




The attribute that precedes the attribute you are creating. If there is no previous attribute or you want the new attribute to be the first attribute for dimensions, leave this argument empty.


The name you want to assign to the new dimension attribute.


The type of attribute. There are three possible values for the AttrType argument:

  • N - Creates a numeric attribute.
  • S - Creates a string attribute.
  • A - Creates an alias attribute.


This example creates the Description string attribute for dimensions. Because there is no PrevAttrName parameter, this attribute is inserted as the first attribute for dimensions on your TM1 server.

DimensionAttrInsert('', 'Description', 'S');