Sets the frequency of saving a check point during a synchronization process in case there is a network connection failure.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

Parameter type: optional, static

Note: When you use SyncUnitSize, you must also configure the MaximumSynchAttempts parameter. For more information, see MaximumSynchAttempts.

If you configure both the SyncUnitSize and MaximumSynchAttempts parameters and a synchronization process is interrupted by a network connection failure, the process will attempt to reconnect and complete the synchronization starting from the last check point.

To set this parameter, add the following line to the Planning Analytics database configuration for the planet server:


where n represents the number of synchronization records written to the transaction log file, Tm1s.log, after which a check point will be saved.

The default value is 1000.

The minimum recommended value is 500.