Sets the maximum number of times a synchronization process on a planet database will attempt to reconnect to a network before the process fails.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

Parameter type: optional, static

You can use the MaximumSynchAttempts parameter to improve the stability of a synchronization process that is running over an unstable network connection such as a long distance wide area network (WAN) with high latency, poor bandwidth and poor transmission quality.

To specify the maximum number of times a synchronization process should attempt to make a network connection, add the following line to Planning Analytics database configuration for the planet server:


where n represents the number of network connection attempts that the synchronization process should make a before the process fails.

The default value is 1 which means the synchronization process will only attempt to connect once and will not attempt to reconnect if the connection is lost.

A value of 0 means unlimited network connection attempts.

You can configure this parameter to work with the SyncUnitSize parameter. For more information, see SyncUnitSize.

The following example shows how to use the MaximumSynchAttempts parameter with the SyncUnitSize parameter: