Specifies the URI for the internal dispatcher that the Planning Analytics database should use to connect to Cognos® Authentication Manager (CAM).

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

The URI is specified in the form
http[s]://fully-qualified host IP address:port/p2pd/servlet/dispatch
Note: In Planning Analytics version 2.0.9 or later, you can configure your TM1® Server CAM URI with a Server Name Indication (SNI). The SNI can be set using the existing ServerCAMURI parameter in the format of SNI;URI.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

For example,

For CAM authentication this setting must include the fully-qualified name for the server that the Cognos Analytics certificate was created for.

To determine the server that the certificate was issued for:

  1. Enter the SSL URI to the Cognos Analytics dispatcher in a browser.
  2. Update the ServerCAMURI setting in the tm1s.cfg with the fully-qualified name of that server.
    For example:

To configure the Cognos TM1 Applications Server to work with CAM SSL,

  1. Ensure the following settings are made in Cognos Configuration:
    • Force Qualified Paths set to False.
    • Use Mutual Authentication set to True
  2. Accept the certificate when saving.