The ReceiveProgressResponseTimeoutSecs parameter configures the Planning Analytics database to sever the client connection and release resources during a long wait for a Cancel action.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

When the Planning Analytics database is performing lengthy operations for a client, periodic "progress" messages are sent to the client application. The client responds to these messages with an indication of whether the user has pressed the Cancel button, in which case the lengthy operation is terminated. These responses are generated automatically by the network code in the client application; there is no user interaction involved. After sending the progress message the server waits for a response from the client application. As the database is waiting, the client's thread will continue to hold resource locks on the Planning Analytics database, preventing other users from making other server requests which require the same resource locks.

In some particular situations, most notably running Planning Analytics clients under a Citrix environment, the response from the client application never arrives back at thePlanning Analytics database, causing the database to wait for an infinite amount of time. This results in a system lockup, because the client's thread holds resource locks that are never released.

The ReceiveProgressResponseTimeoutSecs parameter lets you configure your database to detect this situation and to sever the client connection, releasing the resources. When the parameter is set to a valid interval (in seconds), the database process will terminate the client connection, releasing any resource locks, if the database does not detect the client application's response within the specified interval.

For example, if ReceiveProgressResponseTimeoutSecs=20 and the client application does not respond to the progress message sent from the database within 20 seconds, the client connection is terminated. Again, no user action is required to generate this response. The response is automatically generated by the client application, so that if the response does not arrive within 20 seconds, it is an indication that there is something seriously wrong with the client or the underlying network.

ReceiveProgressResponseTimeoutSecs is an optional configuration parameter. If the parameter is not present in the Planning Analytics database configuration, processes are not terminated when a client does not respond to a progress message from the TM1® Server.

For some Planning Analytics database installations, the ClientMessagePortNumber defines a separate thread to use for cancellation messages without tying up reserves. When ClientMessagePortNumber is available, ReceiveProgressResponseTimeoutSecs is not used.