Sets the maximum number of failed user login attempts permissible on the Planning Analytics database.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

If you do not include MaximumLoginAttempts in Planning Analytics database configuration, by default, the database allows three login attempts.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

For example, if you add the line MaximumLoginAttempts=5 to Planning Analytics database configuration, the database enforces a limit of five failed login attempts per user. If a user does not successfully log in to the Planning Analytics database within the specified number of attempts, the server issues an error.

After a user has exceeded the specified maximum number of failed login attempts, the Planning Analytics database rejects any subsequent login attempts by the user.

The MaximumLoginAttempts parameter is enforced per server session. If a user exceeds the maximum number of attempts, he cannot log in to the current Planning Analytics database session, unless the administrator changes his password. However, after the Planning Analytics database recycles, the user can log in with his existing password.