Sets the order of magnitude of the numerator relative to the denominator, above which the denominator equals zero when using a safe division operator.

Parameter type: optional, static

In rules and TurboIntegrator, there is a safe division operator (the backslash). With this, if you try to divide by zero, the result is zero, not undefined. If the denominator to the division is a calculated quantity, the result can be very close to zero, but not exactly zero, for example, .0000000000000004. By setting the MagnitudeDifferenceToBeZero parameter, you can specify how close a number can be to zero, relative to the magnitude of the numerator, to be considered as zero for the safe division operator.

Consider this example:

  • In the Planning Analytics database configuration, set MagnitudeDifferenceToBeZero=14
  • The operation is A \ B

    Note: Backslash (\) is the safe division operator in TurboIntegrator.
  • A = 1000 B = 1.5e-15
  • B is 18 orders of magnitude less than A
  • 18 > 14, therefore the save division operator returns B=0