Specifies the minimum client version that can connect to the Planning Analytics database.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

The ClientVersionMinimum parameter value is expressed as a version string using the following format:



m = major release number

n = minor release number

ttttt = maintenance release number

iiiii = interim fix number

Using this format, setting ClientVersionMinimum = 11.8.02000.7 specifies that the minimum client version that can connect to the database is 11.8.0. Any digits after the maintenance release are ignored.

If your Planning Analytics database configuration does not include a ClientVersionPrecision parameter value, only the major release number, minor release number, and maintenance release number are used to enforce compatibility between client and database.

If the ClientVersionMinimum parameter is not explicitly set, the default value is 8.4.00000, which corresponds to version 8.4.

You should not set ClientVersionMinimum to a value lower than the major release number of the currently installed Planning Analytics database. There is no upper limit for ClientVersionMinimum. However, if ClientVersionMinimum is larger than ClientVersionMaximum, only clients with a version number equal to ClientVersionMaximum can connect to the database.

Finding the Planning Analytics build number

To find the build number for the Planning Analytics version that you are using:
  1. Go to \tm1_64\bin64\.
  2. Open the tm1appapi-winx64h-app-##.#.#####.# file.
The numbers in the file name refer to the build number. For example, in tm1appapi-winx64h-app-11.8.02000.7, the build number is 11.8.02000.7.