Use the modeling workbench to create and maintain your model (beta)

The modeling workbench introduced in IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.64 remains available as a beta feature in 2.0.65.

You can now open the modeling workbench from the user interface; you no longer need to enter a URL to the modeling perspective in your Planning Analytics Workspace environment.

To create a new workbench, click the Home menu Home menu, then click New > Workbench.

To open an existing workbench:

  1. Click the Home menu Home menu, then click either Shared or Personal, depending upon where the workbench is saved.
  2. Click the workbench you want to open. To make it easier to find your workbench, click the Filter icon filter icon and select Workbench. You can also search for a workbench.

Only users with the modeler or administrator role can create or edit workbenches.

modeling workbench

As you can see, the workbench efficiently presents all your modeling assets in a tabbed and sectioned layout.

You can use the modeling workbench to:
  • Create, edit, and delete any of these objects: dimensions, hierarchies, sets, processes, chores, and rules
  • Run processes and chores
  • Create and save cube views
  • Edit settings for cubes, dimensions, processes, and chores
  • Create drill processes, import data, import dimensions, reload/unload cubes
  • Reorder dimensions
  • Refresh security, set cell security

For details on using the modeling workbench, see Use the modeling workbench to create and manage your model.

We encourage you to provide feedback on your experience with the modeling workbench during the beta period. Please visit to share your thoughts.