Enable email notifications in Planning Analytics Workspace Local

Planning Analytics Workspace Local now supports both SMTP and SendGrid email services.

To enable the email service, specify the following parameters in the Planning Analytics Workspace Local configuration file. The configuration file is paw.ps1 for Windows and paw.env for Linux. For more information, see Configure parameters.

Set this property to true to enable the email service in Planning Analytics Workspace Local. Either EMAIL_SMTP_URL or SENDGRID_API_KEY parameter must also be specified. If both parameters are specified, EMAIL_SMTP_URL is used.
Default: false
Use this parameter to enable the SMTP email service. The parameter specifies the SMTP server URL. The following are examples of such URLs:
If you specify this parameter, the SENDGRID_API_KEY is not used, even if it's specified.
Default: empty (no URL is specified)
Use this parameter to enable the SendGrid email service. The parameter specifies the API key for the SendGrid email account.
Note: You might need to contact the email administrator for your organization to obtain the API key that is specific to your email service.
If you specify this parameter, specify also EMAIL_FROM, but don't specify EMAIL_SMTP_URL.
Default: empty (no API key is specified)
Specifies the sender address if it is required by the email server. This parameter is mandatory when SENDGRID_API_KEY is specified.
Note: When you change a paw configuration file, you must run ./scripts/paw for your operating system or click Start in the Planning Analytics Workspace administration tool for your changes to take effect. Only services that are affected by the configuration change will restart.

The Email tab is now available in the user interface when you share a book or view.

Email tab available in interface after configuration

For more information, see Enable email notifications.