New look for components in IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

To provide a consistent user experience across IBM products, certain components in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel that are shared with IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace, have been updated to use Carbon Design principles.

The updated user interface of the components (cube viewer, set editor, drill through, and content store) make it easier to accomplish tasks. The improved and simplified user interface also offers flexible options to view, analyze, and organize data.

For example, the updated cube viewer has a responsive grid and a more guided and intuitive experience that makes it more accessible.

Carbon cube viewer

The set editor also has an improved flow and flexible options to edit sets.

Carbon set editor

These changes to the user interface were first introduced in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.71. For more information, see New experience view and set editor.

Enabling carbon components

To use the carbon components, set EnableWebView2ForCarbon to true in the tm1features.json file.

{"EnableWebView2ForCarbon" : true}

For more information, see Manually enabling features in the tm1features.json file.