Alternate web technology support for Planning Analytics authentication (Microsoft Edge WebView2)

IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel now supports using Microsoft Edge WebView2 for authentication through a new feature flag. Enabling this feature flag allows Planning Analytics for Excel to be compatible with newer web standards that can be configured as part of your authentication flow for Planning Analytics sources.

To use WebView2 for authentication in Planning Analytics for Excel version 2.0.74, follow these steps:
  1. Download and install Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime (
    Note: WebView2 might already be installed on your computer. To check if you have WebView2 Runtime installed, go to Apps & features (Start > Settings > Apps) and search for WebView2.

  2. Enable WebView2 in the tm1features.json file by setting the r74_EnableWebView2ForAuth flag to true. For more information, see Manually enabling features in the tm1features.json file.

If you do not have WebView2 Runtime installed on your computer and you enable WebView2 in Planning Analytics for Excel, the following message displays:

Install WebView2 Runtime message

Click OK and install the appropriate Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to use WebView2.