Pick lists supported in Universal Reports for TM1 Web

The pick list feature familiar to users is now available for Universal Reports in IBM® Planning Analytics TM1® Web.

A pick list is a list of valid values for a specified element or cell. When a pick list is defined for an element or cell, a menu containing the defined values is available in the specified element or cell. Universal Reports support pick lists defined in TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics Engine.

To access an element or cell's pick list in TM1 Web:

  1. Click an element or cell in a Universal Report.
  2. In the menu, click the drop down arrow Drop down arrow. From the drop down menu, you can select any of the defined values to set the value for the element or cell.
    A pick list in a Universal Report

If you enter a value that is not valid for the cell, an error appears indicating that only values from the pick list can be entered in the cell.

For more information about creating pick lists, see: Creating Pick Lists