Toolbar properties for the cube viewer and visualizations

You can now enable and disable toolbar icons for the cube viewer and visualizations in the Properties panel. Managing which icons are available on the toolbar gives you the ability to control which features are available to your users and helps you to create books with a focused experience.

Toolbar icons are managed by applying the Toolbar icon settings in the Properties panel. You can find the settings on the Custom properties tab, under the Toolbar section.

Toolbar section in visualization properties
For a cube viewer, you can enable or disable these nine icons:
  • Export
  • Snap commands
  • Save
  • Format values
  • Edit MDX
  • Sandbox selection
  • Change visualization
  • Show/hide overview
  • Forecast

For visualizations, you can manage only the Save, Format values, Sandbox selection, and Change visualization toolbar icons.

For all other visualizations such as selector widgets, only the Change visualization toolbar feature is available to toggle.

If you select both a cube viewer and a visualization in a book, only the icons common to both are available in the Toolbar properties.
Common toolbar properties with multiple selections

The settings that you apply in the Toolbar properties are retained even if you switch a cube viewer to a visualization or a visualization to a cube viewer. Similarly, the settings are retained if you switch from one type of visualization to another.