Set editor access in Properties

You can now enable and disable access to the set editor for visualizations and explorations in Properties.

Before, users edited the current set by accessing the set editor from the visualization or exploration. Now, you can modify access to the set editor that hides options to interact with the set editor.

You can apply this setting by using the Allow access to Set editor toggle. You can find this setting in the Properties panel, then in the Custom tab open the Set editor section.
Set editor visualization property toggle for Allow access to Set editor

When you turn off the Allow access to Set editor toggle, all set editor menu options are hidden in all visualizations and explorations. In a cube viewer, the menu options Open set editor, Enter named set, and Customize sets are hidden if you click the More icon More icon in the cube viewer for a dimension or member.

For a visualization, such as Area, you can right-click on the x-axis and y-axis labels to see that the menu options Edit this set and Customize sets are hidden. Alternatively, in the Fields panel, you can click the More icon More icon in the cube viewer in the x-axis and y-axis fields to see that the same menu options are hidden. Also, under the Filters section you can notice that the Edit this set menu option is hidden for each filter if the toggle is off.

The setting of the Allow access to Set editor toggle stays the same even if you change the visualization to a different one. If you make multiple selections of visualizations, then the common properties, which are the Set editor and Toolbar properties, are available. When you change the set editor access, then the setting is applied to all the selected visualizations. The Toolbar properties apply to all selections of visualizations as well. For more information on Toolbar properties, see New toolbar properties for the cube viewer and visualizations.

Common custom properties for multiple selected visualizations in Set editor and Toolbar