Synchronize same hierarchies across different databases

You can now synchronize same hierarchies that are in different Planning Analytics databases.

For example, when you enable synchronization for the same hierarchy that is in two different databases, changes you make to the data in one widget is reflected in the synchronized widget.

Important: Sandbox hierarchies do not synchronize across different databases.

To enable same hierarchy synchronization across different databases:

  1. In edit mode, create a book with two views from cubes that are in two different databases.
  2. Select a view and go to Properties > Synchronize.
  3. Under Hierarchies, enable Synchronize hierarchies to synchronize all hierarchies.

    All hierarchies are selected by default. You can turn off synchronization for a hierarchy if you want to exclude it from the synchronization.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the second view.
  5. Click Properties again to close the panel.
  6. Click in the book and go to Properties > Synchronize.
  7. Under Mappings, turn on Synchronization across servers.

Make a change in one of the views to see the data update in the other view.