Git repository integration for Planning Analytics database objects

Modelers can now access a Git repository (GitHub, Microsoft Azure, or AWS CodeCommit) directly from Planning Analytics Workspace. You can use the Git repository to store Planning Analytics database objects such as cubes, dimensions, rules, and processes that are common across multiple models. You can also use the repository to move database objects from one environment to another. For example, you might want to copy database objects from a development environment to a production environment.

The repository can also serve as a version control facility for your Planning Analytics database objects.

New options to interact with a Git repository are available when you right-click a database on the Databases Tree of a modeling workbench.

GitHub options on a database

You can access a Git repository in Planning Analytics Workspace using an SSH connection and a public key/private key pair. An optional passphrase is also supported.

The following limitations apply when pushing database objects to a repository:

  • Data is not included when you push cubes or views to a repository.
  • Attributes are not included when you push dimensions to a repository.

For more information, see Use Git repository integration to manage Planning Analytics database objects.