Workbench preferences

Enhancements to user Preferences are available across multiple components.

Design update

A few design changes have been made to Preferences.

The Preferences icon is now Preferences icon. This button is always visible, even when the workbench is empty..

The order of sections and their sub-sections in Preferences is as follows:
  • Database tree
    • Display members
    • Hide Databases
  • Dimension editor
    • Compact header
    • Show value bar
    • Show dimension editing warning
    • Page size
  • Cube viewer
    • Show hierarchy name
    • Show context information
    • Show icons
    • Show section header
  • Process editor
    • Font
    • Font size
    • Enable line wrapping
    • Lock generated statements
  • Rules editor
    • Font
    • Font size
    • Enable line wrapping
By default, all sections are collapsed, but retain their previous state when the user opens or closes the Preferences panel. Opening and closing Preferences also refreshes the selected values.
Note: The selected preferences apply only to the workbench, not the dashboard.