TurboIntegrator process debugger

The process editor in Planning Analytics Workspace includes a debugger user interface that allows you to set line breakpoints, continue to the next breakpoint, and step over to the next line. Conditional breakpoints are also supported.

You can enable the debug mode only on one process at a time.

On the Script tab in the process editor, click the debugger icon to open the debugger pane.

TM1 debugger icon

In this pane, use the Debugger toggle switch to enable the debug mode.

Debugger enabled

Using breakpoints, you can stop the execution of code at a particular line. To set a breakpoint, click the line number in the code editor.

Debug pane

With the debugger running, navigate through the code using the following buttons:

  • Continue icon Continue
  • Step over icon Step over
  • Step in icon Step in
  • Step out icon Step out
  • Continue to end icon Continue to end
  • Stop execution icon Stop execution
  • Remove all breakpoints icon Remove all breakpoints

You can set conditional breakpoints by entering expressions. The expression must evaluate to true or false and can contain references to any variables and parameters, and use TM1 TurboIntegrator process functions. Potential expression errors can be corrected at run time.

To enter the expression, click the Expression field for the selected breakpoint, and type the expression.

Breakpoint expression editor

In the following example, the expression Vyear@='2004' is entered for the line 13 breakpoint to stop debugging when the input data is for year 2004.

Breakpoint expression example

The debugger includes a panel with the current variables, parameters, and their respective values. These values are read only.

For more information, see Debug a process.