Revert approvals in plans

Plan owners and co-owners can now cancel previously approved tasks.

Revert approval for a plan submission
To revert a task approval:
  1. Open the plan in edit mode.
  2. Under Plan tasks, click the Submissions link on a task to open the Submissions log.
  3. Click Pending approval or Completed to find the approved submission. Submissions that require multiple approvals and were only partially approved are under Pending approval. Submissions that were fully approved are under Completed.
  4. Click the menu next to the task for which you want to cancel an approval and select Revert approval.
  5. Select the approver group(s) from whom you want to remove approval(s) and click Revert.

    Where there are multiple approvers for a task, when you revert an approval, approval is also removed from any next-in-line approvers. In the following example, if you remove Group A's approval, Group B's is also removed. Both Group A and Group B will need to approve the submission again.

    Revert approval confirmation dialog

For more information, see Manage plan submissions.