Hide zero/null data points in select visualizations

You can suppress zeroes in an exploration or visualization, but this only suppresses entire rows or columns that contain zero/null values. Individual zero/null data points cannot be suppressed. Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.65 introduces a Hide empty data points property that lets you hide individual zero/null values in visualizations.

This property is available for the following visualization types:

  • Box plot
  • Line
  • Line & column
  • Radar
  • Word cloud

To enable the property:

  1. Enable Edit mode on the dashboard.
  2. Select a visualization on the dashboard.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Click the Visualization tab.
  5. Click the Data category.
  6. Enable the Hide empty data points property.
hide empty data points property

When the property is enabled, empty data points are excluded from your visualization.

For example, here's a simple line visualization for a view that includes several zero values (Jan, May, and Aug). In this image, the Hide empty data points property is not enabled. You can see that the zero values are included in the visualization.

zeroes shown

When the Hide empty data points property is enabled, as in the following image of the same visualization, data points for zero values are hidden in the visualization.

zeroes hidden