Set your cookie preferences

IBM begins to capture metrics of your usage of IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace on cloud to improve the product, and its capabilities, with the release of 2.0.54.

If you are based in the European Union, you will see a prompt the first time that you log on after Planning Analytics Workspace on cloud is upgraded. Users are determined to be in the European Union based on their IP address by using geolocation services. Your acceptance of cookie preferences is stored as a cookie in your browser, so if you clear your cookies or change browser, you see the prompt again. This is standard behavior, and enables you to control the level of cookies that you allow to be stored.

Cookie Preferences

​If you are not based in the European Union, you are not prompted for cookies but you can select the level of cookies by clicking manage​ and then selecting Cookie Preferences. You can see more information about the levels of cookies by clicking View Cookie Preferences in the Cookies window. ​