HTTP proxy support in Git integration

The Git repository that the TM1 server connects to for Git integration functionality is frequently isolated behind a firewall and only reachable via an HTTP proxy. Proxy access is supported on TM1 server.

Proxy support is provided via the Git http.proxy parameter, which is defined at

http.proxy specifies the URL of the HTTP proxy when invoking the actions GitInit and GitDeploy. The proxy routes traffic to the Git repository that is specified by the URL parameter, which uses HTTPS protocol.

For example, this GitInit routes traffic through the http://localhost:8888 proxy to the repository at

POST /api/v1/GitInit
 "URL": "",
 "Deployment": "prod",
 "Username": "GitUserXXX",
 "Password": "xxx",
   "http.proxy": "http://localhost:8888"