Considerations for upgrading to Planning Analytics Workspace new experience

Users should be aware of the following considerations before upgrading to the new experience in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.57 SC local and 2.0.58 cloud.

The upgrade to Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.57 SC local is a permanent upgrade. There is no way to revert to a prior version of Planning Analytics Workspace Classic.

likewise, when an administrator commits to an upgrade in 2.0.58 cloud, there is no way to revert to the 'classic' user experience.

Features not supported in initial 2.0.57 local/2.0.58 cloud releases

These features are not supported in the initial new experience Planning Analytics Workspace release. Support for these features may be reintroduced in subsequent releases.

  • Tree map visualizations upgrade successfully except when more than one dimension is present on an axis, in which case the tree map is converted to an Exploration during book upgrade.
  • The Reports and Analysis landing page does not display individual tiles for books, views, or websheets. Rather, the Reports and Analysis landing page displays a searchable and sortable list of all assets.
  • Mobile devices are not fully supported in the initial new experience release, as some gestures are not yet implemented.
  • An Administrator cannot set up a global color palette. (This capability is supported as of Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.59.)
  • When you click Share > Export, you cannot share a book or view as an image or PowerPoint document. You can, however, export as PDF with enhanced print options.
  • The Intent bar (sometimes called the NLP bar) is not available in this release.

Differences in behavior between Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.57 local/2.0.58 cloud and Planning Analytics Workspace Classic

  • Chats are deprecated, as previously announced in this deprecation notice.
  • Bookmarks and history are no longer available on the Data tree. Instead, you can use the Recents or Favorites tabs on the Planning Analytics Workspace Home page to open assets that you have recently viewed or favorited.
  • Collections has been changed to Pins. You can pin a view or websheet from a book. You can access pinned items from the Pin Pin icon button while in Edit mode.