Upgrade to WebSphere Liberty Profile

The WebSphere Liberty Profile has been upgraded to This upgrade requires a manual change to the server.xml file for existing IBM® Planning Analytics Local installations that upgrade to Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.7.

In Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.7, the server.xml file has been updated to add the following property to disable sending server version information in response headers.

<webContainer disableXPoweredBy="true"/>

The response header is informational and not required for operations. It is now disabled by default to minimize thread surface.

Remember: In Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.7, you install a new version of the server.xml file that is called server.xml.new and your existing server.xml file is preserved. To take advantage of fixes that are applied to this release, you must rename the server.xml.new file to server.xml and you must reapply any changes that you made to your previous configuration settings.

For more information, see Upgrading Planning Analytics Local.