Optimize the login process with a new tms1.cfg parameter

A new parameter, OptimizeClient, has been added to the tms1.cfg file to prevent obtaining a lock when serializing objects when a user authenticates. This parameter determines whether private objects are loaded when the user authenticates during TM1® Server startup.

Note: A new user that was dynamically added, who logs in with CAM authentication, is still subject to lock contention because a new element must be added to the }clients dimension.

Organizations with many users, or users with many private objects, can set which users this parameter is applied to. This approach impacts the server load and potentially the amount of memory that is consumed at startup.

The OptimizeClient parameter can be set as follows:

  • None = 0
  • OperationsAdmin = 1
  • Admin = 2
  • All = 3

For more information, see OptimizeClient.