Upgrade to Java 8 and removal of Java 7

Local only Planning Analytics Local has been upgraded to Java™

Important: You must stop all related IBM® Cognos® TM1® and IBM Planning Analytics services before you upgrade to Planning Analytics version 2.0.6.

On Windows, if the installation detects an existing JRE 7, a new JRE 8 is installed during the installation, and the JRE 7 cacerts file is copied to the Java80\jre\lib\security location. If you have an existing Java80 folder, the cacerts file is not copied over. The existing Java70 folder is removed. On Linux®, you must install Java

Note: With the upgrade to Java 8 in Planning Analytics version 2.0.6, some tools such as the IBM Key Management tool (ikeyman.exe), are now located in the <PA_install_directory>\jre\bin directory of the Planning Analytics installation or in the IBM JRE installation if Linux used.

For more information, see Upgrading from Planning Analytics version 2.0.0.