TM1 Web updates

IBM® Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.5 and the cloud-only release of IBM Planning Analytics version 2.0.5 includes the following features for TM1 Web.

Changes to web.xml file

If you are upgrading IBM Planning Analytics TM1® Web with this installation of IBM Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.5, you install a new version of the web.xml file called and your existing web.xml file is preserved.

To take advantage of fixes applied to this release, you must use the file and you must reapply any changes that you made to your previous configuration settings. In particular, restore your values for session-timeout.

  1. Back up the existing web.xml file in <PA_installation_location>/webapps/tm1web/WEB-INF. For example, rename web.xml to web.xml.old. This step backs up your current settings.
  2. Rename to web.xml. This step uses the new version of web.xml that is supplied with IBM Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.5.
  3. Replace the entry for session-timeout in web.xml with the entry from web.xml.old. This step restores any changes that you made to this property previously.

    For example:


Exporting to PDF

Exporting a websheet to PDF uses the print area information. If you define a print area in a worksheet, only the data in that area is exported to PDF. This behavior is the same as printing from Excel.