New parameter to configure session timeout for TM1 Web

Local only In IBM® Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.6, there is a new parameter in the tm1web_config.xml file called HttpSessionTimeout. This parameter defines the session timeout (in minutes) of the HTTP session for TM1® Web.

If the HttpSessionTimeout parameter is not specified (missing or blank), the value is less than 1 or not a numerical value, the default session-timeout that is defined in the web.xml file is used.

Important: As of IBM Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.6, you must not change the session-timeout value in the web.xml file.

For more information, see Setting the TM1 Web session timeout.

Remember: In IBM Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.6, you install a new version of the tm1web_config.xml file that is called and your existing tm1web_config.xml file is preserved. To take advantage of fixes that are applied to this release, you must rename the file to tm1web_config.xml and you must reapply any changes that you made to your previous configuration settings.