Sending emails

The Send Email API enables sponsor administrators and sponsor line-of-business (LOB) users to send emails to other users such as sponsors or trading partners. Use this API to use the system default email templates for sending emails. You can also modify the system default templates and use them as custom templates. However, if you create a new template with a custom name such as ibmtemplate.xml and provides the template key as an input, the template does not work.


The following keys are available for mapping:
  • emailTemplateKey - The unique key of the system default email template.
  • templateArguments - Array of arguments that are provided in the email template to replace parameter values in the template.
  • toAddresses - Array of unique and valid email addresses of the recipients.
  • Locale - Language to be used for sending the email if the email template has a translation for that language. Value for the locale is the folder name within the default template. For example, en, de, or ja.

URL for access

The following URL pattern is used by sponsor administrators and sponsor LOB users to send emails to other users:

  • <sponsorContext> is the sponsor context URI (short name to identify the company)
Note: The URL can be different based on your deployment option. For more details about the URL, see URL for accessing IBM PEM and APIs.

For example,

Send email API URL for PEM Portal -

Send email API URL for PEM Partner Repository -

In this example, the sponsor context is b2b.


This API takes the following parameters as input:
  • emailTemplateKey
  • toAddresses
  • templateArguments
  • locale


The headers for the API are as follows:

  • Accept : application/xml
  • Content-Type : application/xml
  • Accept : application/json
  • Content-Type : application/json

Sample request data

Use POST as the HTTP request method. A sample request pattern to send emails is as follows:

For example,


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <argument>activity name</argument>
      <argument>example name</argument>


	"emailTemplateKey": "ACTIVITY_INST_CLOSE_MAIL",
	"toAddresses": [""],
	"templateArguments": ["activity name", "example name"],
	“locale”: “en”


When the API call is completed, the API returns a status message.

The API is protected with Basic Authentication so that only Sponsor Administrators or Sponsor LOB users can send emails.