Submit a batch job to test your archive attribute and selector rule

Once you have defined an archive attribute and a selector rule, you can test them by submitting a test batch job. This task uses the sample batch job, BJT@JCBP, in SBJTSAMP.

When the job is submitted, the selector rule that you defined in the previous task will be matched, and Output Manager will store it as an archive according to your archive attribute.

  1. Submit the BJT@JCBP sample job. (Navigate to the data set that contains your copied BJT@JCBP, and type SUBMIT on the command line and press Enter.)
    Output Manager captures the SYSOUT from the JES spool and stores it according to the values you specified in your archive attribute.
  2. From the Output Manager main menu, choose option V (View), and then A (Archived Sysout).
  3. Specify search criteria, or leave the fields blank, and press Enter.
    The resulting list is filtered by your search criteria.
  4. Find the archive named "BJT@JCBP." If you changed the job name in the sample batch job, search for the job name that you used.
  5. Type S (Select) next to the archive in the CMD column, and press Enter. The archive is displayed.
Once you understand how archive attributes and selector rules are used to capture and store SYSOUT, you're ready to tell Output Manager how to make reports.