Applying a formatted view

Once you have created a formatted view, you can apply it to a displayed report or archive by selecting the view name from the View list.

  1. From the ITOMweb home page, navigate to the reports page or archive page by clicking Archives or Reports, respectively.
  2. Locate the archive or report you wish to view.

    Tip: You can specify search criteria to find the archive or view.

  3. Open the report or archived SYSOUT:
    • To open a report, click the link in the TIMESTAMP column of the report you wish to open.
    • To open an archived SYSOUT, click the link in the ARCHIVE TIME column of the archived SYSOUT you wish to open.
    The raw data is displayed because View is set to NoCC. You must change the view to use an existing formatted view.
  4. Select the desired view from the View list to apply the formatted view.

    Note: If an existing view is not displayed in the view list, it may be necessary to refresh the page with your browser's Refresh button, or by pressing F5.

    The report or archive is displayed according to the properties of the selected formatted view.