Usage considerations

Review the following considerations before using the Universal Batch Utility.


It is recommended to use the same set of delimiters (VERT_DELIM and HORIZ_DELIM) while using consecutive Extract and Modify mode calls for the same flat file. Using different sets of delimiters can end in unpredictable results. This suggestion is valid only for the cases when the user doesn't change delimiters in the flat file manually or by using external program.

Db2 privileges and concurrency:

To work properly in EXTRACT mode, UBU requires that all necessary Output Manager Db2® tables be available for reading. The user id under which UBU is running must have permission to run SELECTs on the Output Manager Db2 tables.

To work properly in modify mode, UBU requires that all necessary Output Manager Db2 tables be available for locking in share mode. This means that other concurrent applications may have read-only access to the specified BJT tables while the utility executes. If a concurrent application has write access while the utility executes, the results of UBU execution will be unpredictable.

Sample JCL:

The BJTUUBU member in SBJTSAMP is sample JCL to run UBU. Fill in the required values in the OPTIONS section. Change ?OUTFILE? to the path for your flat file to receive the extracts or provide updates to the Db2 tables. OUTFILE is the output data set for extracted data, and should be allocated with DCB=(RECFM=VB,LRECL=32756).