Overview of the parameters used to control UBU execution (SYSIN)

You control the operation of the Universal Batch Utility by defining the control card sections and parameters. These sections and parameters are specified on the SYSIN DD card.

SYSIN – UBU control card sections:
The sections included in the SYSIN file determine whether UBU should execute in Extract or Modify mode. The RUNMODE parameter of the OPTIONS section of the SYSIN specifies in which mode UBU should execute.
UBU control cards can consist of the following sections:

Each section name must be followed by a colon character, ":". Otherwise, the section will be not recognized by UBU and utility behavior can be unpredictable.

SYSIN – UBU control card parameters:
Each of the parameters has the following syntax:

Do not include any spaces or blanks anywhere within a parameter specification, such as between the parameter name and the opening parenthesis. Also, when specifying multiple parameters in the SYSIN DD statement, either place the parameters on separate lines (the preferred method), or if you want to place the parameters on a single line, separate them from one another by using one or more spaces or new-line characters. A parameter cannot span multiple lines.