Output Manager administrative Db2 tables

The Universal Batch Utility can extract and modify data from the following Output Manager Db2® tables:
Table 1. Output Manager Db2 tables for which the Universal Batch Utility (UBU) can be used to extract and modify administrative data
Table Name Table Contents
BJTATT Archive attributes
BJTBAN Banner pages
BJTBUC Recipients within a bundle
BJTBUI Bundle special instructions
BJTBUN Bundle definitions
BJTBUP Reports for a recipient within a bundle
BJTFVD Formatted view definitions
BJTFVH Formatted view page header definitions
BJTFVC Formatted view column definitions
BJTFVF Formatted views and filters
BJTFVT Highlighting
BJTDDS Selector and report selection rules
BJTDID Recipients
BJTDST Distribution lists
BJTLAY Report layouts
BJTPRT Printer attributes
BJTRPT Report definitions
BJTUAM User archive mappings
BJTTPL TPL rule definitions
BJTTPX TPL rule and selector rule mappings
Note: Refer to the security section. In order to make add, modify, and extract with the Universal Batch Utility, you must have the appropriate access privileges to the Universal Batch Utility, as well as access to the administrative object type that you are attempting to perform an action on.