Step 8: Create a distribution list

In this step, you create a distribution list to identify the recipients or locations that are to receive the custom report. For this tutorial, you will add only the recipient ID that you created for yourself to the distribution list.

Note: A report cannot be sent directly to a recipient ID. Recipient IDs must be added to a distribution list for recipients to receive a report either online or as a printed hardcopies.

To create a distribution list:

  1. From the Output Manager main menu, choose option A, Administrative Functions, and press Enter. The Administrative Functions panel is displayed.
  2. Choose option D, Distribution Lists, and press Enter.
    A search panel is displayed. Press Enter to proceed to the Distribution Lists panel.
  3. Type ADD on the command line and press Enter.
    The Distribution List panel is displayed.
  4. In the Dist. List Name field, type a name for the distribution list up to 60 characters long, then press Enter. The Distribution Lists panel is redisplayed and lists the name of the new distribution list.
  5. To add recipients to the distribution list, type ADD on the command line and press Enter.
    The Search for Recipient IDs/Distribution lists panel is displayed.
  6. Specify search criteria to locate the recipient ID that you created in "Step 7: Create a recipient ID" and press Enter.
    The Recipient Selection panel is displayed.
  7. In the CMD column, type S (Select) next to your recipient ID and press Enter.
    The Distribution List panel is displayed and lists the selected recipient as a member of the distribution list.
  8. Press F3 (Exit). An exit confirmation pop-up window is displayed.
  9. Press Enter to save the distribution list.