Enhancing database performance

Note: Always shut down the Output Manager started task before performing these steps.

If your Output Manager database is large, you should periodically run the Db2® REORG and RUNSTATS utilities to enhance database performance.

To enhance database performance:

  1. Back up the Output Manager table spaces by using the JCL in the SBJTSAMP member BJT@JCC1.
    Important: Always make a backup copy of your table spaces before running the REORG utility.
  2. To reorganize all Output Manager tables, run the REORG utility by using the JCL in the SBJTSAMP member BJT@JCRO.
    The REORG command includes the COPYDDN option to create a copy of each table space at the conclusion of the reload phase. This replaces the need to run SBJTSAMP member BJT@JCC2 to make a copy of the reorganized table spaces.
  3. Run the RUNSTATS utility on all Output Manager tables and indexes by using the JCL in the SBJTSAMP member BJT@JCRS.
  4. Rebind the Output Manager Db2 plans by running the JCL in the SBJTSAMP member BJT@JCBI.
    Note: If you notice issue in performance, you could try changing the bind parameter to REOPT(ONCE). The default bind option is REOPT(ALWAYS).